The following are reviews, articles, interviews and press releases from the show performed in Los Angeles, Arizona, and Hawaii.

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Audio Interviews

May 20, 2010
Psychic Access Talk Radio
My mission is two-fold, to offer insights that enable people to discover their innate courage and core of strength, and second, to do so in a creative and effective way that fosters freedom and more joy in their relationship with themselves and those that are most important to them. I do this via the presentation of my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, workshops, speaking and 1:1 and group coaching.

May 20, 2010
Rhonda Farrah’s Radio Talk Show
Brenda Adelman introduces listeners her 3 Step Practical Forgiveness process: 1.Move out of denial and into acceptance of what is. 2.Give up your need to be right. 3.Send love and light to the person who you feel harmed you. Adelman will go into detail of how she used this process to let go of her deep resentment and anger toward her father for taking her mother’s life. She’ll also teach listeners the difference between a healthy boundary, an unhealthy boundary and no boundary at all and give tips on how to use self-forgiveness more often.

July 23, 2009
"Stay Sane Now: Renewing Your Mind, Body, Spirit," with host Claudine STruck, guest speaker for "What is your Vice?"  Brenda talks about the three steps to forgive the unforgivable and finally be free. She also shared how she transformed herself from being the victim of her life to the hero in it.

May 14, 2009
Lynn Serrafin’s Garden of the Soul blogtalk Radio Show,” (MP3) Brenda reads an excerpt from her upcoming book, “Forgive and Be Free: A Pathway to Personal Happiness.”

April 22, 2009
Healthy and Wealthy Summit,” (MP3) guest speaker, “Forgiving the Unforgivable as a Path to Freedom.”

March 26, 2009
"Inner Peace," (MP3) Interview with Brenda on talking about how her father murdered her mother, married her mother's sister, and how she found forgiveness to him.

"Dear Brenda,
Thank you dearly for your being on the show, and sharing of your
personal courageous story. You are a blessing to others in your teachings and dedication to inner growth! It was a pleasure talking to you.
Also, thank you for signing me to the free e-class. I appreciate it ~"
light and blessings,

March 10, 2008
"Manifesting Your Life," (MP3) Interview with Brenda on talking about her 3 step process of forgiveness and includes coaching steps and personal stories.

Interview with Brenda on Sedona Talk Radio on the Tree of Life Forgiveness Program and the challenges and opportunities forgiveness brings with it (MP3).

Brenda Adelman interviewed by Laurel Druley of NPR affiliate KNAU in Flagstaff, AZ (MP3)

Print Articles/Interviews

May 13, 2010
The Jewish Chronical
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August 6, 2008
Forgiveable : Forgiveness Day in Hawai'i a Part of International Effort, article by Patricia Chang, Honolulu Weekly
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>>Online Version

July 26, 2008
Forgiveness, interview by Mary Adamski, Honolulu Star Bulletin

February 28, 2008
Tragedy transformed: The disturbing past and powerful message of a one-woman show, Archives

July 01, 2007
So What is Jewish Theater? Deborah freeman reflects on the experience of participating in a theater festival in Vienna.

June 29, 2006
‘My Brooklyn Hamlet’ Turns Tragic Murder into Performance, article by Raanan Geberer, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

March 16,2005
Adelman's story well worth telling, well worth watching, Kudos Newspaper
Canyon Moon's My Brooklyn Hamlet: Love, Murder, Forgiveness

March 9, 2005
Actress shares her true story in My Brooklyn Hamlet

Press Releases

Newsday    October 3, 1995:   MILL BASIN WOMAN SHOT DEAD IN HOME.
A 57-year old woman was shot to death in her home in an affluent Brooklyn
neighborhood, police said yesterday.  The victim, Barbara Adelman, had been shot once in the head and was found face up in her bedroom Sunday weapon was found. - Copyright@Newsday, Inc. produced by
Newsday Electronic Publishing.

Brenda Adelman

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Ten years ago Brenda Adelman's family fell apart when her father murdered her mother in their Brooklyn home.  Her father plea-bargained and served two years in prison before being let out for good behavior.  In an odd twist of Shakespearean proportions, her father soon married her mother's sister.  This has become Brenda's BROOKLYN HAMLET.

From her eccentric childhood with a wild, bohemian artist mother and a Jewish Guido dad, to her oblivious adolescence, to the shooting death of her mother, Brenda takes the audience on a journey filled with lots of love, simmering anger, grief and ultimately to forgiveness.  Her determination to heal inspired this play that miraculously transforms this real life tragedy into a unique life-affirming comedy/ drama.

Brenda Adelman studied acting at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, The Riverside Shakespeare Company in New York and at The Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles.  She has been a member of The Village Theatre Company in New York and The TomCats Theatre Company in Los Angeles.  In 2004 she performed "My Brooklyn Hamlet" in the 11th Annual Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival.  This February she performed in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES to sold out audiences at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, AZ.  This March she performed MY BROOKLYN HAMLET for a successful thirteen performance run at The Canyon Moon Theatre in Sedona and she just finished playing the role of Lenny in CRIMES OF THE HEART.

Here's what some audience members had to say after seeing MY BROOKLYN HAMLET:

"I loved your show...really terrific.  The staggering power of your story and the sparkle of your talent shines...fabulous job!" - Heidi Wall

"Amazing show!  You were so engaging...well done." - Don Henry

"Emotionally powerful" - Sandra Merrill

"Liberating...Courageous.  Thank you." - Maureen Ambs

Brenda's next performance of MY BROOKLYN HAMLET will be on the last night of the conference CELEBRATE THE DIVINE FEMININE which will be held at The Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ on September 18th at 7PM.  She will follow the performance with a brief question and answer period.

For more information please contact Brenda on her website at or at (310) 429-1193.

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